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Hannah Tinti: “I will skype-drink with you anytime, Minneapolis.”


Hannah Tinti was fun and informative in a rousing year end night at Books & Bars.
I was all set to blog it up and then saw her awesome status update (above) and blog post. So, let’s start with the author and read what she had to say about our event:


Brief video clip (shot on tiny camera whilst holding a microphone and moderating – anyone want to volunteer to shoot some B&B footage for me? Build your resume/portfolio? Let me know. Thanks)

Thanks to everyone who braved the snowstorm. Hope to see you many of you attempt our double reading winter challenge starting Jan 12th with The Road by Cormac McCarthy and then The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. We’ll try to do more Drink-Skypes soon. Or, as Elli (@lotaleesparkman) tweeted: “@jefe23 i think the correct term for that (because i made it up) is iDrink”

Happy New Year,

Jeff Kamin
Charming Moderator/Producer

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