Books & Bars is open to the public and free. If you appreciate what we offer and want to help us continue to provide a fun and informative club:

1. Enjoy specials on food and beverages at the venues. And support our local indie booksellers at our events.

2. Tip your friendly neighbor Moderator, Jeff Kamin. We’re in our 16th year, produced and performed as a labor of love. (
Send me suggestions. I love to hear from you to make this the best book club experience/show.
Twitter: @booksandbars, e-mail: booksandbars@gmail.com.

Thank you for helping “Reinvent the Book Club”.

“We liked the book a lot more after being here, as always.” To this, Kamin smiles broadly, satisfied that he’s done his job. –
The Metropolitan, February 2011 / Vol. 25 / Online Issue 62

“Books & Bars lives up to both parts of its name, a reading
club that gathers monthly to share views and brews.”
–The Star Tribune, September 18th, 2007


Jeff  Kamin’s secret identity is Senior Producer of Performance Programs for Minnesota Public Radio, producing many live shows at The Fitzgerald Theater. By night he becomes moderator of Books & Bars, Minnesota’s biggest book club show, and the Twin Cities’ favorite emcee for pop culture events including BuzzedWords and Loud at the Library.  In Hollywood, Jeff performed and taught improvisational comedy at I.O. West and was Danny DeVito’s production assistant at Jersey Films. Jeff is writing another screenplay and hopes to produce/direct it. He’s married and has two sons.