October 24

Mozart’s Women by Jane Glover

The Happy Gnome, 6:15p


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

November 7 – Amsterdam, 6:15pm

November 14 – Bryant Lake Bowl, 7pm


December –

The Annie Year

by Stephanie Wilbur Ash


January –

Before the Fall

by Noah Hawley




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    Tuesday, October 24th, upstairs open 5:00 at The Happy Gnome, 6:15pm discussion

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    Mozart’s Women by Jane Glover

    Throughout his life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was enchanted, amused, aroused, and betrayed by women—his mother, sister, wife, sisters-in-law, female patrons, friends, lovers, and fellow artists—and he was equally complex to them. But ultimately the great composer loved and respected the women he knew intimately and those whom he admired from afar. In this fascinating, evocative, and compellingly readable biography, Jane Glover, acclaimed conductor and acknowledged expert on Mozart’s life and work, brings these remarkable ladies vividly to life—the real women who shared the composer’s tumultuous world and inspired some of his greatest musical achievements, as well as those he dramatized in his magnificent operas.

    November 7

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

    Amsterdam, 6:15pm

    &  The Loft Presents Books & Bars at

    Bryant Lake Bowl, 7pm

    Tue, November 14

    Reinvent the Book Club

    Books & Bars is an open public book club show. We provide a unique atmosphere for a lively discussion of interesting authors, fun people, good food and social lubrication with liquid courage. You’re invited to our free events with moderator Jeff Kamin & other spirited characters each month:

    1st Tuesdays in St. Paul,  Amsterdam Hall

    2nd Tuesdays in Minneapolis, Bryant Lake Bowl

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    “For those who take their books straight up – not off Oprah’s list – Books & Bars is the cure. Bookended by social hours, it’s a perfect opportunity to meet hip literary types – and the liquid courage doesn’t hurt.”– MPLS. ST. PAUL magazine


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